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December 2016

Greetings fellow riders, where did this month go? Seems like it just started! Well, it just means that Linda and I are one month closer to retirement!!! November was supposed to be the month things slowed down a little. We participated with our home chapter, Chapter T in a bike show in Hueytown, Al. It was a great day, beautiful weather and we had two chapters participate. Chapter N has some representatives that also participated with us, great to see them there. We had a plaque grab in Madison, Al. Chapter B offered the scrapbook up for grabs and Chapter D brought enough members to take it back home and they will keep it until Jan. We had 19 bikes and trikes participate in the Birmingham Veterans Day parade. WOW, what a crowd turned out in downtown Birmingham to salute all of our veterans, both current and former. There were several chapters that participated in Veterans Day parades in their home towns and we thank all of you for taking the time to salute our veterans as well.
We have our annual Region A officer’s conference coming up on Dec 3rd in Eufaula. The Alabama District Team will be there.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and if you are traveling this holiday season, please be careful and watch out for the other guy. There will be lots of folks on the road this year so keep an eye out for the 4 wheelers! As always, keep our men and women in uniform in your thoughts and prayers and please remember our first responders as well. We hope to see all of you out on the road.

Gail and I want to thank all of our Alabama members for participating and being involved this past year. We appreciate all of our members and especially or Chapter Directors and Officers that keep this organization moving forward. We cannot do this without you all.

We wish you all and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy, but Safe, New Year.


As we are in the busy holiday season, I hope each of you will be sure to remember how you have been blessed and what is the most important part of your life.  I know that can include many different things for each of you but if you concentrate and think about it, you may make a new discovery in your life.  For me, there are so many wonderful things that I have to be thankful for and believe me, GWRRA is one of them and way at the top of my list too.  Kathy and I have truly been blessed by our association with our GW families and our lives have been greatly influenced by all of it.  Our quality of life is greatly enhanced by each of you and we thank God regularly for allowing us to be part of our Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge.  Kathy, the love of my life, is the best part of my life but having the influence and direction of God over all that we do is by far the greatest part for us.  Please make sure you focus on what really is the most important part of your life and be thankful for whatever that may be.  Also be thankful for the difficulties of your life as well.  I know this sounds strange but I learned this week that often times, we grow the most through the toughest times.  I hope you will think about this and see what you may have missed in life and just thought you were going through some bad times.  Life is good so please take advantage of every opportunity to share it before you run out of time.

Our Officers Conference is scheduled for Jan 14 in Gardendale AL at the Gardendale Civic Center.  I hope all officers and others that would like to attend will make every effort to be there.  This is a time where we can learn more about how our district works and what is ahead for the year.  It is another opportunity for you to share life with someone else and possibly be a positive influence that could make a real difference.  As I have said so many times before; activity breeds activity and that’s what we are all about.  Make plans to become even more active in the coming months and years and be amazed when it rubs off on others and you can see changes as a result of your activity. 

REMEMBER!!!  The Alabama District Rally for 2017 will be in Mobile AL, May 18 – 20 at the Ashbury Hotel & Suites.  The theme for 2017 is SITCOM MANIA! Make your plans now to attend and be prepared to have a great time!  It will be a GREAT EVENT IF YOU help and participate!!!  Put your thinking caps on and get your Talent Show Crews together and grace us with your entries in the talent show contest with your best sitcom endeavor!  It will be FUN for all and we know you will make more wonderful memories!!! Remember to get your registrations in ASAP and if you want to have the Thursday evening meal with us, there is a $7.50 per person charge this year as the costs have skyrocketed and we have no choice but to charge for this great meal.  Look for the slot on the registration forms for this and make sure you include your payment when you register.  More info to follow as it becomes available!

Remember that GWRRA is a wonderful association and we want all “good folks” to be part of our great family.  Share your calendars and your experiences and feel free to call me or Kathy anytime if we can assist in some way with you.  Use those beautiful Gold Wing motorcycles and others to enrich your life and strengthen your GW family ties and relationships and make more memories of a lifetime!  You deserve it!  We look forward to many more miles of riding pleasure with all of you and please, stay safe out there.  That’s the only way we can continue to make it fun.

I would like to again thank Mark Swindle of Chapter S, Ron Landers of Chapter D, and James Clayson of Chapter U for their assistance in locating suitable facilities and helping with arrangements for riding courses this year.  Now that the weather has turned colder, the same chapters are helping to facilitate the presentation of other training that has little or no outdoor component.

Winter is the perfect time if your chapter needs First Aid/CPR.  Simply contact Robert and Gail Brown to schedule a class.  If you need a Co-Rider class, Motorist Awareness Seminar, or other riding classes contact me, if you need Leadership training, contact Roy Fosnight.  That does not mean we are the only ones that teach those programs, but instead, we are the ones that arrange for instructors.  Part of the scheduling is to de-conflict the schedule with other District, Region, or National level meetings or events that the instructors or participants need to attend.

I would encourage the Chapter Directors and Chapter Educators to be canvassing their members to determine whether enough of the members are interested to justify holding a class for your chapter; or possibly contact nearby chapters to explore possibly having a joint training opportunity with them.  We already have a training day on the schedule for Chapter D on the only open weekend in January, so you need to be thinking ahead.  Please bear in mind that the instructors need time to free up their schedule also.

Hopefully we will see you at Wintzels in Guntersville for the New Year’s Day get-together.

Ok Folks I am late with this so I will make it short.

First of all we want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. Again I need your newsletters 3 of your choice hard copies by the 10th of December. I send these off to another District to be judged. And have to have them to Region in January.

I need individual of the year paperwork by JAN. 15th

I need Chapter MEC of the year by January 1st.

I need Chapter OF The Year packets by January 1st.  Or sooner as these take longer.

Hoping for a change at our Officers conference in December. With everything coming due at same time is a little much.

I have not moved but getting rid of Post Office Box Please change your mailing address for me to.

Kenneth Campbell
419 Howle ST.
Heflin, AL. 36264

The PO Box will be good till April.

I am still waiting to hear from some of you on the NOV. ARL Most only had one call to make.

Thanks for all that you all do.

Alabama District Team

  Frank & Linda Teasley[tea swin g*bh am:r r:com]

Northern Asst. Directors:
  Robert & Gail Brown[bro wnie 43*b ells outh :net]

Southern Asst. Directors:
  Max & Kathy Tanner[mta nner 321* yaho o:com]

Rider Educators:
  Carl & Janis Breeding[cdb reed ing* att: net]

Motorist Awareness:
  Carl & Janis Breeding[cdb reed ing* att: net]

  Roy & Anita Fosnight[Fpo orf* knol ogy: net]

Membership Enhancement Coordinators:
  Kenneth (YoYo) & Veronica Campbell[Rec ruit ing]

Couple of the Year Coordinators:
  Terry & Barbie Cleveland[Rec ruit ing]

Vendor Coordinators:
  Robert & Gail Brown[bro wnie 43*b ells outh :net]

  Sara & Harry Leach[sle ach8 129* cent uryt el:net]

  Penny & Larry Anthony[pen nyin al*y ahoo :com]

  Mike Freeman[mik eson eont hesi de*g mail:com]

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