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May 2014

District News
  -- District Director

    We want to say a BIG “Thank You” to all the 336 people that had the opportunity to attend the 2014 Alabama District Rally. For those of you who were unable to attend, you missed a really good time.  We began Thursday with the hamburger social followed by the costume contest. It is hard to imagine so many different Togas and Toga models; but the variety was there on display.  Friday was the talent show, and as usual, it was one to truly behold. The challenge was made last year for each chapter to have an act, and that goal was almost fulfilled. We had raisins, the Soggy Bottom Boys and even the Streak showed up in almost all his glory. If you missed that one, you missed a treat. Rumor has it that the video made might show up at his place of employment.

    All in all, it was a great rally, and everyone seemed to have a good time.  The 2015 Alabama District rally will be held in Eufaula, AL at LakePoint Lodge. The dates for the rally are May 14-16, 2015.  All of the rally information, as well as a rally flyer, can be found on the District Website.

    Our new 2014-2015 Couple of the Year was selected, and we are honored to have Dewey and Alice Cole to represent the Alabama District. Dewey and Alice are from Southside, Alabama and are members of AL-N.  On Saturday afternoon, Alice fell and was unable to attend closing ceremonies. She made the trip home on Sunday by car and Monday went to the doctor. Long story short, she had surgery on her right hip and is now home and undergoing therapy. She is not going to let this keep her down at all. She and Dewey will be out visiting everyone and all of the chapters very soon.

    As most of you know, Alabama Chapter T is the 2013 Alabama District Chapter of the Year. During the closing ceremony of the rally, they were bestowed the honor of Region A Chapter of the Year. This is a great honor for them. They have their blue shirts displaying this and are wearing them with pride. When you see them out, please take a moment to congratulate them for a job well done.

    As I write this, we have just returned from the Fun Day of Chapters F, Q and Z. Randall and Frankie McGalliard were gracious to host this event at their place, and the weather and facilities could not have been better. Thanks to all that attended and those that made this fun day possible.

    Be sure to check the District website for all the latest events. If any chapter has a Fun Day or dinner ride that you might like to attend, please put it on your calendar. The purpose of all these events is to have FUN.

    If we can do anything for you, please let us know.  Once again, we want to thank you for all you do for the Alabama District.

Robert & Gail Brown
The more you know the better it gets
Email Alabama District Directors[bro wnie 43*b ells outh :net]

Alabama District Team

  Robert & Gail Brown[bro wnie 43*b ells outh :net]
Central Asst. Directors:
  Frank & Linda Teasley[tea swin g*bh am:r r:com]
Southern Asst. Directors:
  Max & Kathy Tanner[mta nner 321* yaho o:com]
Rider Educators:
  Richard & Sue Chapman[rpc hapm an25 6*gm ail:com]
Motorist Awareness:
  Carl & Janis Breeding[cdb reed ing* att: net]
  Greg & Renee Dempsey[gre gren ee*b ells outh :net]
Membership Enhancement Coordinators:
  Kenneth (YoYo) & Veronica Campbell[Rec ruit ing]
Vendor Coordinators:
  Bill & Trina Barden[jam esba rden *win dstr eam:net]
  Sara & Harry Leach[sle ach8 129* cent uryt el:net]
  Harry & Sara Leach[hle ach* cent uryt el:net]

Couple of the Year:
Dewey & Alice Cole

District News
  -- Central Assistant District Director

    Greetings fellow riders, we would like to thank everyone who attended the Alabama Rally. We certainly hope that you had a great time. As all of you probably know by now, next year’s rally will be in Eufaula, Al at the Lakepoint Lodge. We are moving the rally to May next year so as not to conflict with anyone else in the Region. The flyer for next year is already posted on the district website, so take a look. We will be having “Hallowing, A Spring Spooktacular” so be looking for your best Halloween outfits and make plans to be there! Should be a great time!
    This past weekend Chapters F, Q, and Z held their first joint funday. I had to work but Linda was able to attend and told me that everyone had a great time. A special thanks to all who were able to attend and support these chapters. We are already looking forward to next year’s event.

    Next up is Chapter G’s funday coming up on Sat April 26th. We are planning to be there and we certainly hope you are as well. Chapter G always puts on a great funday and this one should be no different. We are certainly looking forward to some great B-B-Q. We hope to see everyone there!

    The South Carolina District Rally is next up on May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Florence, SC. The theme this year is “Wings over Cartoonland”. Sounds like lots of fun, hope to see everyone there. Next up will be Chapter M’s picnic on May 10th at Wind Creek Park. We hope you will make plans to be there. Sounds like a great day. The final event of the month is Chapter T’s funday on Saturday May 31st at the First Alliance Church in McCalla, Al. This year’s theme is “Star Wars”. We hope all of you can make plans to join Chapter T for a fun event.

    Finally, we want to thank all of you for being members of this great organization but remember it is only as good as you make it. Your participation is what makes this group great so make plans to get out and enjoy as many of these great events as possible. Please remember all of our men and women in uniform serve and protect us each day. Also remember our first responders and their families as well. Remember, get out and ride and have some fun. Spring is finally here, lets enjoy it.
Hope to see you out on the road,

Frank & Linda Teasley
Email Central Asst. Directors[tea swin g*bh am:r r:com]

District News
  -- Motorist Awareness Division District Coordinators

    Well, it’s time to show just how much we care about our own and our fellow rider’s safety on the road. The Alabama Motorist Awareness Day is May 17, 2014.  We have the consent of the Welcome Center manager under the state Tourism Department, Ms Francis Smiley , her phone # is 334-202-2908, Fra nces :Smi ley* tour ism: alab ama:gov we also have the consent of the Department of Transportation per Mr Randy Braden. 
    As I have previously stated, we are not there to harass anyone into taking any literature, such actions can be counterproductive and cause resentment; we are there simply to ask the motorist to please watch out for motorcycles.  We are harder to see, it is easy to misjudge our distance because of the smaller size, and we are more vulnerable than the folks who are protected by cages.  I would like for the chapters to:
    1.  Participate, the life you save may be your own or your best friend’s. I’d like each Welcome center manned from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  Each welcome center has at least two chapters assigned, so you should be able to work out the times for your to man the site to be no more than 3 to 4 hours, and you can break that down further if desired.
    2.  Keep track of how many folks you talked to during the day; equally important ask your Motorist Awareness Coordinator, or Chapter Educator, or Chapter Director, or all three to report that number to me at ceb reed ing* att: net.  It is best to use the Rider Education Report N.6 to report the number, just put MAD in the block under the place where it says “Other Meeting or Group and indicate the number of folks you contacted.
    I would really be grateful if all of the chapters report their success, I’d be even happier if each chapter tooted their own horn bragging in their newsletter about how many people you talked to during MAD Day.  Remember, if you get the kids interested in looking at your bike, they may be the ones that call their parents attention to our presence by saying “Dad, LOOK at that MOTORCYCLE, isn’t it pretty?”  Whatever works to make us safer, besides, it is FUN to show the bikes to tikes.

Ride Safe.


Carl & Janis Breeding
Email Alabama District Motorist Awareness Coordinators[cdb reed ing* att: net]

District News
  -- Membership Enhancement Coordinators

          Greetings fellow Gold Wingers, boy was April a good month or what?!.
The District Rally has come and gone and it was a good time for everyone there.  Yes I said rally conventions are for politicians and old folks and I saw neither one there.
  Congratulations are in store for a lot of people that were there.
Chapter T our District Chapter of The Year was also announced as the Region Chapter of The Year. Congratulations to CD Larry Anthony and Philip Teasley for all the hard work. We all know who did the work and I think Christie Russell had a lot to do with it too.
    Our new 2014-2015 Couple of the Year was selected, and we are honored to have Dewey and Alice Cole to represent the Alabama District. Dewey and Alice are from Southside, Alabama and are members of Al.-N.  On Saturday afternoon, Alice fell and was unable to attend closing ceremonies. She made the trip home on Sunday by car and Monday went to the doctor. Long story short, she had surgery on her right hip and is now home and undergoing therapy. She is not going to let this keep her down at all. She and Dewey will be out visiting everyone and all of the chapters very soon.  Keep Dewey and Alice in your prayers and watch for them on the road soon.
        AL-D won News Letter for the District.
        Penney Anthony and Kathleen Lawyer Tied for District Recruiter of The Year.
    There were a lot more winners and will take a lot of space to honor them all here. Thanks for your participation and all the judges for their help.
  The Talent show was second to none I think we had 14 different acts and even had a streaker run through the room. If you were not there you missed a good one. Everyone was a winner.
  Make your plans now for our next Al Rally which will be in Eufaula, AL. at the Lake Point Lodge. May 14th 15th 16th 2015.
This is getting a little long, so long for now.

Remember don’t be a Clown wear the gear.  LOL

  YOYO & Easy  (just ask)


Kenneth (YoYo) & Veronica Campbell
Mem bers hipE nhan cement

District News
  -- District Couple of the Year

First off, we want to say how surprised, excited, and honored we were when we learned we were selected as the Alabama District Couple of the Year, at the convention in Mobile.  We know this is a huge responsibility and we are going to give it our best shot. 
Next, Thank you to Everyone for all the cards, calls, visits, gifts and most importantly Prayers we have received since Alice fell and broke her right hip. Everything is going well.
We are in the process of scheduling visits to each Chapter meeting.  We hope through our visits we can encourage every Chapter to have a Couple represent their Chapter at the District Convention.  It is a lot of FUN!
We want to give a special Thanks to Greg & Renee Dempsey and Steven & Tammy Hollingsworth for their help and guidance to prepare us for the selection process.
Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

Dewey and Alice Cole
Email Alabama District Couple of The Year[tra vele rdca c*ne tsca pe:net]

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