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June 2014

District News
  -- District Director

June, 2014.

    April ended and May began with the South Carolina rally. Phil & Judy Stone, along with the S.C. Team, did a great job. Gail and I were asked to be one set of judges in their Couple of the Year selection. They had four couples, and all of the couples deserved to be selected; but only one could be chosen. Glenn & Donna Bumgarner are the 2014-2015 South Carolina District Couple of the Year. Congratulations to them!

    Alabama M had their chapter Swap Meet/Fun Day, and several chapters were able to attend. The weather looked as if it might not cooperate, but from all reports, the rain held off and the day was a success. The next one on the calendar is Chapter T on Saturday, May 31. They will be at First Alliance Church in McCalla from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM.  Please plan to be there; there is a rumor circulating that aliens may be in attendance. 

    Following this Fun Day is Chapter L’s Scratch Ankle Hoedown on June 7 at the Isaac Creek Campgrounds, 5030 Lock and Dam Road, Franklin, AL.  Even though they are one of our smallest chapters, they really put on a big fun day.  We attended last year and had a really great time. For further information, please contact Paul or Gladys Luker.   

    Mad weekend was May 17, and from the first reports we have received, the chapters made many contacts at their welcome centers. Everyone we talked to knew someone that rode, had ridden in his or her younger days, or was still riding some brand of motorcycle. It is the contacts we make during this time that might help save one person from death or serious injury. But lets not just do this in May. Keep some information about Motorcycle Awareness in your bike, and pass it out to those that we meet in our travels.Thanks to Carl & Jan for their planning, and also the Chapters that participated this year.

    If anyone thought a little fall was going to slow Alice down, you need to think again. She and Dewey are out visiting chapters and have plans to visit every chapter in Alabama. They are going by car now but getting on the bike is in her not so distant future. Glad to see her up and doing so much better.

    The Georgia District rally is June 12-14 in Dillard Georgia. Tommy & Vicky Martin and the Georgia District Team have a good time planned for all. Food, festivities and great riding packed in one weekend.

    Wing Ding is just around the corner. As always, Region A is responsible for ticket sales. Alabama has Wednesday, July 2nd. For those who will be there, please plan to spend a few hours helping us. You will get to meet people from many states and countries. We always have a good time and make many new friends.

Once again, thanks for all that you do.

Robert & Gail Brown
The more you know the better it gets
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Alabama District Team

  Robert & Gail Brown[bro wnie 43*b ells outh :net]
Central Asst. Directors:
  Frank & Linda Teasley[tea swin g*bh am:r r:com]
Southern Asst. Directors:
  Max & Kathy Tanner[mta nner 321* yaho o:com]
Rider Educators:
  Richard & Sue Chapman[rpc hapm an25 6*gm ail:com]
Motorist Awareness:
  Carl & Janis Breeding[cdb reed ing* att: net]
  Greg & Renee Dempsey[gre gren ee*b ells outh :net]
Membership Enhancement Coordinators:
  Kenneth (YoYo) & Veronica Campbell[Rec ruit ing]
Vendor Coordinators:
  Bill & Trina Barden[jam esba rden *win dstr eam:net]
  Sara & Harry Leach[sle ach8 129* cent uryt el:net]
  Harry & Sara Leach[hle ach* cent uryt el:net]
Couple of the Year:
Dewey & Alice Cole

District News
  -- Central Assistant District Director

Greetings fellow riders,
      May has come and gone. It has been a really good month for GWRRA in Alabama. We have had several events and all were well attended and everyone we talked to had fun at each. Here in Alabama Chapter M had their picnic and swap meet and it turned out to be a great success even though the weather was not cooperating in many areas around the state that day. I had to work but Linda was able to attend and said that everyone there had a great time. Coming up on May 31st is Chapter T’s fun day at the First Alliance Church in McCalla from 10Am until 2PM. There will be food, friends, fun, and of course you will get to see some of the Chapter T players perform. We hope everyone is planning to attend. On June 7th Chapter L will have their second fun day at Isaac Creek Campground in Franklin, Al. We had a great time there last year with Paul and Gladys and the entire Chapter L team and are looking forward to this year’s event. We hope everyone can attend.
      The next district rally is the Georgia Rally in Dillard Ga on June 12th, 13th, and 14th. If you have never been to Dillard you are missing some very special scenery and very special riding. The Ga rally is always a great event but with the added benefit of the mountain riding this is always a fun time for all. If you have not made your reservations please do so and join us there for what is sure to be a good time and some good eats at the Dillard House.
    A very special thanks to all who participated in the Mad Day events across Alabama. Everyone we have talked to had a great time and made lots of contacts. The final numbers are not in yet but it seems that we had a really good day talking to all the drivers out there about looking out for us on the road. Special thanks to Carl and Jan Breeding for all their hard work in setting everything up for this event.
    Please remember all of our men and women in uniform who serve and protect us each day and also our first responders who take care of us when we need help most. Remember them and their families as well. The weather is heating up so remember to stay hydrated when riding in the heat and be safe out on the road.

Frank & Linda Teasley
Email Central Asst. Directors[tea swin g*bh am:r r:com]

District News
  -- Southern Assistant District Director

Hi Folks!
Summer is here and there are a lot of things happening with opportunities to fellowship and enjoy life with your GW families and your Gold Wing.  Several rallies are coming and the BIG DANCE at Wing Ding in July at Madison Wisconsin is on us too, so there is no excuse for being bored or not having fun.
Kathy and I were planning to go to the Chapter G Fun Day in April but I got sick the night before and we just couldn’t make it. That was my fault and I hate it happened as timing is everything and my timing was just rotten!!! We heard from several folks that it was a wonderful experience though with plenty of food, fun and games and we just missed it.  I know Doyce and Dianne Colvin always do a wonderful job with their chapter events and this was no exception.  We did get to attend the Chapter M Fun Day and we really had a great time there too. The food, fun and fellowship was awesome and even though the weather was “iffy” at best, there was a pretty good crowd there to experience it.  Thanks so much to Randall and Jane Shirah for a great experience with the help of so many in the chapter including Jim and Sue Jackson.
We just got back from a 1600 mile trip to Eureka Springs AR last week and man what a great time we had.  I know many of you take trips and vacations etc. on the Gold Wing too and they are always awesome.  If you haven’t done that yet, try to make plans for it to happen in your life sometime soon.  We have done this a few times and believe me, there are MANY MORE TRIPS out there for us in the future.  We love it; we love the experiences, the smells (both good and bad), the heat and the cool, the wet and the dry and especially the Gold Wing experience.  Oh what a blessing to be able to do this at this time in our lives and share some of the blessings God has made for us in life.  One of the most important blessings we have received is our friends in GWRRA.  Thank ya’ll for being part of our lives and letting us be part of yours, our Friends for Fun, Safety and knowledge in GWRRA.
Remember that GWRRA is a wonderful association and we want all “good folks” to be part of our great family.  Share your calendars and your experiences and feel free to call me or Kathy anytime if we can assist in some way with you.  We look forward to many more miles of riding pleasure with all of you and please, continue to be safe out there.  That’s the only way we can continue to make it fun.

Thanks and we love you all!

Max & Kathy Tanner
Email Southern Asst. Directors[mta nner 321* yaho o:com]

District News
  -- District Rider Educator

Training pays dividends

    Sue and I are both level IVs, as drivers, in the levels program and we insure all our training is kept current. I have more than 150,000 safe motorcycle miles over the last 20 years. I am also a Rider Coach Instructor and do practice my skills constantly, both in parking lots and while driving down the road. Sue normally rides her trike, but elected to ride with me on the bike for the long awaited chapter trip to Key West on the back roads of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.
    The trip started Saturday morning with 2 bikes and 3 trikes leaving from Madison, Al with your truly leading the group. With me leading the group, everyone could blame me for the rain and everything else that went wrong on the trip, including any bad restaurants we pulled into.  When we pulled out of the Shell station in Madison the rain was pretty light, but you know it would be raining because we were all leaving on vacation in May to get away from some of our bad weather in North Alabama.  We all looked at the radar on our phones and figured we would drive out it in the next hour or so. The group drove south on back roads, taking Hwy 278 over to Hwy 431, when the rain had stopped just as we reached Gadsden.  We stopped in Gadsden for a short brake and to get something to drink.  After about 15 minutes we got back on the bikes and started for Anniston, but just as we started into the city the rain had caught up with us and it started to rain lightly again. Everyone thought we would drive out of it in a few minute, but no one had taken their rain suits off yet, in part because it was a chilly morning as well.
    On Hwy 431 In the middle of Anniston, the north and south road becomes a divided 4 lanes and the cross streets become undivided 4 lanes with a center turn lanes.  The approaching stop light turns from green to yellow, but there was plenty of time and space to stop the group in a normal stopping method.  I lightly apply both back and front brakes. Just before I get to the intersection, the back tire locks up and the back end skids to the left. The next thing I realize is the sight of my bike sliding away from me and through the intersection providing a great fireworks show, caused by the right rear crash bar being ground down as the bike slides though the intersection and stops on the other side of the intersection. I might also mention that the trailer I was pulling kept both wheels on the pavement through the entire thing. I picked myself up onto my left elbow and turned around to see Sue right behind me. The next sight I see is the other chapter members, who had stopped and gotten off their bikes, asking us if we were OK. Another chapter member got off his trike and walked over to my bike and help two other men stand it up and put it on the side stand.  One of the drivers in a car got out and stopped traffic in all 8 lanes and a nurse got out of her car to come over and see if she could help. Another individual called 911.
    Sue and I both wear riding jackets, Nolan trilogy helmets with the chin bars, gloves, boots and jeans. After a minute or two, Sue and I were both able to get up and move around. Three minutes later, the police, firemen arrived. The police man was amazed how little damage there was to the bike and the firemen were amazed how good a shape Sue and I were in.
The only damage to the bike was it did grind down the right rear crash bar and the right front driver’s highway peg broke off.  Sue and I both felt OK and we were able walk around without pain.  Sue and I were very lucky that day, but part of that luck is because of what we wear. The other reason we were lucky is partly because in the chapter we have been talking about what to do when an accident happens. It was not perfect, but it was better because we had some training.
      I will be the first to tell you that what you wear when you ride is a personal choice and what type of training you get is up to you. I only ask that you think about the way you want to dress and the training you want to take and make a conscience decision in both cases to do what you want.

{{picture ~sig_StaffRobert_Chapman:{{font Pristina,Rage_Italic,Viner_Hand_ITC,Bradley_Hand_ITC,Lucida_Calligraphy,cursive:Richard & Sue Chapman}} {{br}} {{small:Email Alabama District Rider Educators[rpc hapm an25 6*gm ail:com] }}}}

District News
  -- Motorist Awareness Division District Coordinators

Well, our Annual Motorist Awareness Day has come and gone, I hope the other chapters in the District had as much fun and success as we had at the northern Alabama Welcome Center on I-65, near  Athens, Alabama. This welcome center was manned by Chapter H in the morning and Chapter B in the afternoon.  The last count I saw counted over 1600 folks talked to about watching out for motorcycles and helping us to stay safe on the roads.  I have received a few other reports, but I hope I can get the final counts from all of the chapters.  I really appreciate all of the work that goes into making this hapen; I believe it makes a difference.
What I asked of the chapters was to keep track of how many folks you talked to during the day; equally important ask your Motorist Awareness Coordinator, or Chapter Educator, or Chapter Director, or all three to report that number to me at ceb reed ing* att: net.  It is best to use the Rider Education Report N.6 to report the number, just put MAD in the block under the place where it says “Other Meeting or Group and indicate the number of folks you contacted.
I often feel like I should get credit for all of the motorist who have to make an extra effort to examine my trailer which I normally pull on trips, at least the ones who ask if they can take pictures, I almost always remember to say “As long as you promise to watch out for motorcycles.”    We had some interesting conversations during the fuel stops on our trip to Key West last week; I venture to say most of the people we talked to will notice motorcyclist a little more.  Please make the effort and talk.

Ride Safe.

Carl & Janis Breeding
Email Alabama District Motorist Awareness Coordinators[cdb reed ing* att: net]

District News
  -- Membership Enhancement Coordinators

          Well the month of May has come and gone.  The month started with a bang Tornados and lots of rain. Bad weather was in the forecast for rain and thunderstorms for the S.C. Convention (rally) but never materialized. Only one little shower on Friday afternoon. Short and light.  We rode the whole trip and never ran in to any rain.
      For those that were not there you missed another good rally. Those S C folks know how to do it. There was lots of stuff going on with some good riding involved. The Talent show was second to none. I was disappointed that I only counted one couple from Alabama besides the Dist. and Region Staff.
    The Ga. Rally is just a few weeks down the road so get packed and come on up to Dillard GA. with us. June 12th -14th the meal alone is worth the trip.
  OK for some MEC news beginning now there will be a MEC of the year along with all the other ? ? ? Of the Year. This includes District, Region, National, and International. All MEC’s are eligible.  Just do your job the way it should be done that is all that is asked.
      Alice Cole is recuperating nicely; she is getting out and about some. She will be her old self real soon so watch for Dewey and Alice. You never know where they will show up.
I am late again with this so Ride safe and ride a lot.

Kenneth (YoYo) & Veronica Campbell
Mem bers hipE nhan cement

District News
  -- District Couple of the Year

    How time flies when you are having fun!  May has been a good month for us.  We visited Chapter D in Anniston and got to meet their Chapter Couple of the Year, Paul & Brenda McBrayer.    The following Tuesday we went up to Huntsville to visit with Chapter B.  Their 2014 Couple of the Year is Bill and Bonnie Nelson.  We have been blessed at having Chapter N's 2014 Couple of the Year, Gerald and Debbie Russell, traveling with us to visit Chapters.
    May is Motorcycle Awareness Month and we along with several from Chapter N, Gadsden, spent time at the DeKalb Welcome Center.  Had a good time even though the weather was wet and cool.  Robert & Gail Brown and Kenneth & Veronica Campbell came to relieve us as well as Chapter Y, Trussville.
Last Saturday we went to The Rattlesnake Saloon with Chapter N.  We were in the car, but they had 18 motorcycles show up for that ride.  It was a sight to see.
    This Thursday, May 29, we are going back to the DeKalb Welcome Center to promote Motorcycle Awareness.  The Center is celebrating a kick off for the family vacation season.
This coming Saturday, May 31st, we are going to attend Chapter T's Fun Day.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone there.
Next comes June and we hope to attend several Chapter meetings.  We are going to attend the Georgia District Convention at the Dillard House.  Hope to see you there also.
    Thanks again to everyone for your prayers and well wishes.  One more week of physical therapy and I graduate.  Next comes riding on the motorcycle.

Dewey and Alice Cole
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