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July 2014

District News
  -- District Director

July, 2014.

Thanks to all of the chapters that have been supporting the other chapters with their Fun Days and District Plaque Grabs. As with everything we do, the more involved we are, the more FUN we will have. Check out the District website for what is happening and plan a ride to that event. Let other chapters know about your dinner rides and any events happening in your chapter.  Some of their members might just want to join you. 

July 4th is celebrated as Independence Day.  This is always a day of fireworks and barbeque.  As you celebrate this holiday, take a moment to reflect on how we came to be as a nation, and thank the people that serve and protect us.  If you plan to travel, please remember to be safe in your adventures.

The Georgia District rally was in June, and a big THANKS to all of the members from Alabama who attended.  We were the largest District in attendance, and several chapters brought home awards for various things. The talent show was one to be remembered, and the Alabama District took First Place in the Comedy Division Four or More.  I am not going to reveal a lot of detail, but it seems someone always has a video camera nearby, and that video is already out there on FaceBook.  It is worth checking out.

Wing Ding is here, and Alabama will be selling tickets on Wednesday, July 2nd.  If you are going to be there, please stop by and help for a few hours.  You get to meet and talk to people from across the U.S. and the world.  We always have fun at this and look forward to seeing you there.

On Saturday, July 26th , The Burger Run to Randy’s in Trenton, Georgia is planned. This is a multi District event and is held rain or shine.  Just check the District website for all that is happening.

Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday.  As always, if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.

Robert & Gail Brown
The more you know the better it gets
Email Alabama District Directors[bro wnie 43*b ells outh :net]

Alabama District Team

  Robert & Gail Brown[bro wnie 43*b ells outh :net]
Central Asst. Directors:
  Frank & Linda Teasley[tea swin g*bh am:r r:com]
Southern Asst. Directors:
  Max & Kathy Tanner[mta nner 321* yaho o:com]
Rider Educators:
  Richard & Sue Chapman[rpc hapm an25 6*gm ail:com]
Motorist Awareness:
  Carl & Janis Breeding[cdb reed ing* att: net]
  Greg & Renee Dempsey[gre gren ee*b ells outh :net]
Membership Enhancement Coordinators:
  Kenneth (YoYo) & Veronica Campbell[Rec ruit ing]
Vendor Coordinators:
  Bill & Trina Barden[jam esba rden *win dstr eam:net]
  Sara & Harry Leach[sle ach8 129* cent uryt el:net]
  Harry & Sara Leach[hle ach* cent uryt el:net]

Couple of the Year:
Larry & Penny Anthony

District News
  -- Central Assistant District Director

Greetings fellow riders, where has June gone? Seems like yesterday it was May and now it is almost July? June was a great month and July promises to be even better.
This month is of course one of our biggest holidays, Independence Day. We all plan family get togethers and trips and such but please remember why we celebrate this day. Our freedom and independence is one of our most precious possessions. We must do everything in our power to assure that the generations that follow will enjoy the same freedoms we have enjoyed. There are forces at work in this nation that want to do away with these most precious of gifts. Be diligent and active to protect and preserve what we cherish most. Please remember all who have fought and especially all who have died to protect these freedoms for us.
Wing Ding is coming up this month and we hope many of you are planning to attend. There is something for everyone at this event but you have to be there to enjoy. There are still rooms available in the immediate area around the convention center but you better hurry if you want to stay close to the action. We hope everyone who chooses to go has a safe trip and a wonderful time when you get there.
Chapter D has the district traveling plaque and will be offering it for capture on Sat June 28th. Please check the district website for all the info. Get your folks together and have a great ride and get the plaque. Remember to bring all of your necessary paperwork so you won’t get left out! We hope to see you there!
We just returned from the Georgia Rally and boy did we have a great time. Alabama was well represented by lots of members and lots of talent. We won largest district in attendance as well as 1st place in the 4 or more category in the talent show. Another Alabama group won 2nd place in the 3 or less category. One of the Al members finished second in the bike show and Chapter T won the Chapter shirt competition. We also had a couple win the couple’s portion of the costume contest and Dylan Teasley won the Youth portion of the costume contest. With the great food and the absolutely terrific mountain riding it was a really great weekend. Thanks to Tommy and Vicky Martin and the Ga District Team for putting on a great event.
With the heat of summer now upon us please remember to stay hydrated when riding. Take more frequent breaks and above all be safe when you are out on the road. Please remember all of our men and women who serve and protect us around the world and right here at home as well as their families. We hope to see everyone out on the road,

Frank & Linda Teasley
Email Central Asst. Directors[tea swin g*bh am:r r:com]

District News
  -- Southern Assistant District Director

Every day is a new day in GWRRA and ain’t it great!  We have new experiences almost every day, make new friends almost every day, make new memories almost every day and have the times of our life almost every day!  Isn’t it great that GWRRA has made a way for us to share our lives together every day?  I know it is because Kathy and I are living that dream and it is GREAT!  We have had some great rides this month and made some new memories and new friends and we love it!  We went to the Georgia Rally in Dillard GA and oh what a great time we had!  We also learned a lot about some of our friends too but you know what they say; What happens in Dillard, stays in Dillard.  There just may be some videos of some of these experiences though that could find their way out in the general public one day but who knows?  Time will tell but just be aware and pay attention.  It could be interesting………….just sayin!
We have the BIG PARTY is coming up in Madison Wisconsin in just a matter of days and oh what a time that will be!  WING DING is upon us and I hope many of you will take advantage of the opportunity to share in the fun again.
On August 29 thru the 31st is the GWRRA ‘s WEEKEND AT THE OPRY in Nashville Tn.  In September we have the Region A Rally this year in Eufaula AL on 9/11 – 9/13.  The theme is LET’S CELEBRATE FREEDOM so if you haven’t made your reservations or registered for the rally yet, you better get it done as things are filling up quickly.  Dress in your best Patriotic outfit or Red White and Blues and join in the fun!  Right behind that in October, we have the MS Rally in Gulfport MS on 10/16 – 10/18 which is always a great event.  The theme is LETS BE A CLOWN so dress in your best costume and join them. It’s right on the coast with plenty of seafood and casinos on every corner so there is no excuse for getting bored or not having something to do.
Remember that GWRRA is a wonderful association and we want all “good folks” to be part of our great family.  Share your calendars, your experiences and feel free to call me or Kathy anytime if we can assist in some way with you.  We look forward to many more miles of riding pleasure with all of you and please be safe out there.  That’s the only way we can continue to make it fun.

Max & Kathy Tanner
Email Southern Asst. Directors[mta nner 321* yaho o:com]

District News
  -- District Rider Educator

July is already here and the riding season is in high gear. Many folks will be traveling to Wing Ding in Madison, WI. I hope ya’ll have a great time riding there and many others will be riding to different parts of the country this month. Regardless of where you are going, I hope everyone will make their journey to their destinations and back without incident. That is what we plan for and everybody has come to expect because you have been had the training to ride your bikes and trikes more safely that in the past. I also know that a lot of people carry extra tools on long trips to anticipate problems and be able to fix them. Please make sure you have your current copy of the Gold Book with you so that you can find help if you can’t take care of the problem yourself.

I bring all this up because we have been training; we also need to extend training by planing to talk about these type of events before the group leaves so that everyone is aware of what do and what is expected of them. The more we train and plan the better the results will be if something unfortunate does happen to us when we are out on the road far from home.

Enjoy the ride and the friends you are riding with.
I know those are the two biggest reasons I stay in the great organization.

{{picture ~sig_StaffRobert_Chapman:{{font Pristina,Rage_Italic,Viner_Hand_ITC,Bradley_Hand_ITC,Lucida_Calligraphy,cursive:Richard & Sue Chapman}} {{br}} {{small:Email Alabama District Rider Educators[rpc hapm an25 6*gm ail:com] }}}}

District News
  -- Membership Enhancement Coordinators

Boy where has the time gone? The year is half gone all ready. I guess time fly’s when you’re having fun.
  The Ga. Rally is behind us once again and boy what a show. If you were not there you missed a good one.  Alabama did well in attendance and the talent show bring home several awards. Thanks to the Ga. Team for pulling it off again.
  Wing ding is just around the corner so if you’re not packed you need to get started. Some have already left taking a few detours and seeing the sights along the way. Alabama will be doing ticket sales and poker run on Wednesday all-day. If you could spare couple of hours or so and would like to help stop by and see us.
    Wing Ding is also a great place for recruiting new members. Stop by the MEC table and see John if you would like to help out for a few hours.
  I am late with this again. These 14 to 16 hour days are rough on an old man but it will soon cease. Part time jobs will turn to full time if you’re not careful.  LOL 
  Everyone be safe on the roads. The traffic will be on the increase for the next few weeks.
  Hope to see you at WING DING in Madison WI.

Kenneth (YoYo) & Veronica Campbell
Mem bers hipE nhan cement

District News
  -- District Couple of the Year

June already, so that means half this year is gone. We’ve tried to stay busy.  Alice is riding on the back of our Gold Wing again.  Only doing close to home riding so for, but that is better than none at all.  Thanks again for all your prayers and well wishes.  Keep them coming.

We attended the Georgia District Convention and had a GREAT time.  Benny and Dianne Harris traveled with us (only problem them on bike, us in car).  We were able to visit with lots of Gold Wing Friends we had not seen for a while.  Georgia had lots of things to keep us busy.  They had a really good Talent Show.  We always knew the Alabama District Team had talent, but Gail Brown, you Go Girl.  We laughed so hard we cried.  Thelma & Louise (Alice and Dianne) want to Thank Dylan Teasley for allowing them to do a skit with him.  Two old ladies had a good time.  Memories!  The old ladies did not come prepared so we also want to Thank Sue Jackson for helping us get our outfits together. 

We, along with Gerald and Debbie Russell, Chapter N’s Couple of the Year, have visited 3 chapters in the month of June. 
June 19th we traveled to Montgomery and visited with Chapter F.  Their Director, Barry LaBarre, told the Chapter about upcoming events and he mentioned the Hamburger Run to Trenton, NEW JERSEY.  We all had a good laugh and he got their JA award.  We also learned Barry & Rita will be moving to Virginia.  We wish the best for them and we know they will be missed.  We met their Couple of the Year, Todd & Amy Jenkins.
June 20th we traveled to Hueytown to visit with Chapter T.  Chapter N Directors, Bill & Vicki Cater, also visited.  We had great fellowship and good food.  Following their meeting several were going to Dairy Queen for ice cream and they invited us to go.  So, of course, we did. 
Then it was get up early Saturday morning June 21st and drive to Athens to have breakfast with Chapter H at IHOP.  They had several members in attendance and lots of funny stories to tell about their trip they had been on to Key West.  We met their Couple of the Year Carl & Jan Breeding.

Wing Ding will be our next trip, so I guess we better start packing.  Hope to see all of you in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Dewey and Alice Cole
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