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July 2015

Greetings fellow riders, at this writing we are just before the Georgia rally. We are looking forward to another great trip to the mountains and to, what is always, a great rally. If you missed it this year we hope you will make plans to be there next year.

We have just come off a really good weekend that included a trip to the countryside near Prattville to the home of Randall and Frankie McGalliard. They were nice enough to open up their home and really great “man cave” to everyone for the second annual Chapter F and Z cookout. We had a great time with good food and lots of fun. If you weren’t there you missed a really good day. Randall had some surprises for everyone near the end of the day that included lots of laughs and some memorable moments. If you were not there be sure and ask someone who was and put this event on your calendar next year. Thanks also to the staff and members of both chapters who helped put on a great event.

After the Georgia rally the next event for Region A is the South Carolina rally in Anderson July 16-18. District Directors Phil and Judy Stone have promised a fun filled weekend so we hope you are making plans to attend.

Wing Ding will be coming up September 3-6. If you are planning to attend (and we hope all of you are) please try to be there on Sept 2nd. The International COY selection is that day and scheduled at 1:30PM. Please try to be there and support our own Dewey and Alice Cole as they attempt to become the next GWRRA International Couple of the Year. The next day, the 3rd, Alabama is scheduled for ticket sales and poker run. If you are there and can spare and hour or two please come by and let us know. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

We hope everyone is out and riding now and enjoying another great riding season. Please participate with your chapter as often as possible and get out and enjoy being with your friends. This is a great family but it won’t be without your participation and support. Please remember all of our men and women in uniform and all of our first responders and their families. They serve and protect us each and every day. Say thanks when you have the opportunity. We hope to see each of you out on the road and at the events listed above,

2015 Georgia Wing Fling First Place Comedy Winner - Alabama District Staff


Greetings from the Great North - North Alabama, that is.  Well, summer is here and with it the heat. I’m sure that this is not the hottest start of summer on record, but it sure feels like it.  June was a very busy month for us.  Starting on the first Saturday, we made four chapter visits in one day.  This may not sound that hard to do, but keep in mind that the heat, 550 miles of riding, and three large meals add to the difficulty level. 


We started our adventure at 7am by participating in a group ride with Chapter B to Russellville for breakfast with Chapter S and to attend their monthly gathering at Two Fat Sisters (the name of the restaurant, not any of their members).  One thing about Two Fat Sisters (whoever they are), they sure know how to fix breakfast.  The price is right and I can guarantee that you won’t leave hungry.


After enjoying some good fun and fellowship with the members of Chapter S, we headed out to meet up with Chapter D at Top Hat Barbeque in Hayden, AL.  They had a good turnout and not only did we have some great food, but Paul and Brenda provided some unique Rider Education information about stopping too close to railroad tracks.  Take a close look at this picture.  I’m sure it speaks for itself, so I won’t go into any detail about how it happened. 


After a few laughs and some excellent pie, we took the back roads home for a quick pit stop to feed the cat and clean up a little before heading to Guntersville for Chapter N’s gathering.  They hold their monthly gathering at Western Sizzlin and as you may have guessed, we had another large meal.  In addition to some great fun, we got to meet two new couples that had just joined GWRRA.  Chapter N is doing a great job of recruiting new members and growing their Chapter. 

WOW what an awesome group!

What a year we are having!  So many activities, so many friendships developing, so much fun and so many memories being made and ALL around our Friends and Family in GWRRA!!!  Thanks for being there for us and for all of your friends and family.  That’s part of what makes GWRRA such a wonderful association.  I know for Kathy, and me our GW family often feels closer to us than our blood family and that truly is special.  Make sure that you share your experiences and let others know how GWRRA and your local chapter works for you and your family.  As I’ve said before, spread the love and you will be blessed beyond belief.


Kathy and I visited Chapter G recently and as usual, we had a wonderful time.  Doyce was working and Dianne directed the meeting and did an outstanding job.  Chapter G is so close and friendly and everyone seems to love each other and it shows.  They have a lot of activities planned for the month and are heading south for some new experiences in LA (Lower Alabama) and it will be a memorable experience I’m sure.  They are planning to hook up with some of the Chapter A folks and share a few of the local offerings while down there.


I have heard of many that are planning to attend the GA Rallyvention, as Jim Jackson would say, and that promises to be another great adventure.  This will all be over by the time you get your newsletters this month and if you didn’t attend, I’m sure you will hear of the experiences and stories some will share and wish you had gone too!  As I have said before, don’t miss any opportunity to have fun with your friends and family in GWRRA. 

There are several activities still coming up including the Big Dance at WING DING in Huntsville AL in September so check your calendars regularly and make sure you participate as much and as often as possible.  By the way, I hope you are in the running for the Trifecta Pin offered to all those that attend the Region A events, AL District events and Wing Ding.  Now that is definitely something special!!

Remember that GWRRA is a wonderful association and we want all “good folks” to be part of our great family.  Share your calendars and your experiences and feel free to call Kathy or me anytime if we can assist in some way with you.  Use those beautiful Gold Wing motorcycles and others to enrich your life and strengthen your GW family ties and relationships and make more memories of a lifetime!  You deserve it!  We look forward to many more miles of riding pleasure with all of you and please, be safe out there.  That’s the only way we can continue to make it fun.

Alabama District Rider Education Weekend
3 and 4 October 2015
Honda of America factory, 1800 Honda Drive, Lincoln, AL 35096

It may seem a little early to some of the members, but we are in the planning phase of presenting another Rider Education Weekend at the site of the Honda plant in Lincoln.  Before I go any farther, I need to point out that the site is one of the few places where we are not asked to pay for the use of the facility, and they make both classrooms and range areas available for our use. We are deeply grateful to them for their graciousness.  I also want to express my gratitude to Ron Landers, Tony Edwards, and the entire Alabama Chapter D family for all of the work they do supporting this annual event.

The standard courses we offer are the Advanced Rider Course (ARC), Trike Rider Course (TRC) and Medic First Aid (MFA) because these are the foundation of the Levels Program conducted by the Goldwing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) to encourage us to learn to be safer riders.

The following is a listing of courses that we are thinking about making available at the Alabama District Rider Education Weekend.  I ask that anyone who wants to take one of the seminars send an email to me at: ceb reed ing* att: net. Please indicate which courses you would like to take, name, and membership number so I can determine how many instructors will be needed. Actual courses taught will depend upon the number of members that sign up for that particular course.

Riding Courses: (good for three years)
• Advanced Rider Course (ARC)
• Trike Rider Course (TRC)
• Trailering Course (TC - two wheeled)
• Trike Trailering Course (TTRC - trike)

First Aid/CPR (certification good for two years)
• First Aid (MFA) (first aid and CPR)

Core Rider Education Courses
• Co-Rider Seminar (CRS)
• Motorcycle Crash Scene Response (MCSR)
• Motorcycling for Mature Riders (MMR)
• Team Riding Seminar (TRS)
• Trailering Seminar (TS)
• Road Captain Course (RCC) (contains both classroom and riding components)

Other Rider Ed Seminars
• High Siding Seminar (HSS)
• Riding with New and/or Inexperienced Riders (RWN)
• Running Mountains, Hills and Curves (RMHC)
• Going, Going, Gone (GGG)
• Riding in the Heat (RDH)
• Night Riding (NR)
• Dealing with the Elements (DDE)
• Helmet Myths (HM)

It is also time to remind you that the Rider Education and Motorist Awareness Reports are due.  I would like to receive them by the second of the month; if possible. I have to compile them so I can get my report turned in.  I know, it seems like I am always asking for something.  Ride Safe, and come join us in trying to increase your Knowledge; it can be a lot of Fun.

Friends for Fun, Safety, and Knowledge


Well we have one more Rally/Vention behind us. GA. Had a pretty good turnout despite being outside in the heat. They had plenty of drinks & fluids available. And there were fans and red neck air conditioners galore. Not to mention two fantastic meals, supper and a breakfast. Even the Ice cream social had Peach Pie to go with the ice cream.  All had a good time.


The S.C. rally is just around the corner July 16th thru 18th in Anderson S.C. and everything will be on the inside in the cool so you need to get your plans made to be there. There will be plenty of venders there this year. So be cool and be there. LOL


Chapter MEC’s please remember to check the expiring and expired pages on the monthly ARL’s. If you see someone on there that has been active be sure to contact them. They don’t always get a notice from Phoenix so they may not even know it. It is getting better; folks are updating their information a little better lately.

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